AppDynamics Announces Plans to Deliver APM for Mobile Applications
March 06, 2013

AppDynamics announced plans to monitor iOS and Android mobile applications before the end of 2013.

While already monitoring complex applications in the data center as well as the cloud for over 500 customers such as Netflix, AppDynamics will now instrument the performance of native code running on mobile devices and carrier networks.

Understanding the performance of mobile applications is a complex challenge for developers and operations teams, despite the fact that most web surfing will be done via mobile phones in 2013 and that Gartner predicts mobile ad revenue will reach a trillion dollars by 2014. The teams who develop mobile apps often lack visibility into the true end user experience, as well as the root cause of performance issues — is it the mobile device, carrier or application code that is the problem?

AppDynamics already offers the ability for development and operations teams to monitor the performance of web browser-based mobile applications. But within months, AppDynamics will offer insight for native iOS and Android applications:

- The ability to monitor the performance of mobile screens, interactions and background tasks

- The ability for developers to instrument the performance of native code and mobile frameworks such as SQLite on iOS and Android devices

- Crash Reporting - Error & Exception capture so developers can identify and debug problems remotely from mobile apps

"Our goal is to ensure that the performance of mobile applications is never a mystery to the teams that are responsible for them," said Jyoti Bansal, Founder & CEO of AppDynamics. "We will provide the same capabilities that we do for browser and server-side applications: the ability to monitor end user experience, to baseline the performance of mobile applications, and to provide code-level diagnostics when performance deviates from their SLA."

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