BlueStripe Delivers SOITO
March 06, 2013

BlueStripe Software introduced a new IT Management methodology called Service-Oriented IT Operations (SOITO), a practical framework for effective service level management.

Based on the powerful idea that every IT infrastructure component should be managed based on its impact on user service levels, SOITO flips traditional IT Management on its head and allows IT Operations teams to more efficiently manage complex application environments.

SOITO establishes three laws of Service Oriented IT Operations:

- Transaction response times are more important than resource utilization

- Every component affects transaction response times

- Every infrastructure layer affects component response times

The “Three SOITO Laws” provide clarity for IT Operations executives around managing application performance.

SOITO outlines a pragmatic set of best practices for making organizations more effective at detecting, fixing and avoiding those application problems.

“Today marks the start of a new era in Systems Management,” said Chris Neal, BlueStripe co-founder and CEO. “The Service Level Approach for IT Operations not only deploys resources more efficiently, it gives IT executives the time, budget, and credibility with the business departments they support to focus on business-driving innovation.”

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