Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS Available in AWS Marketplace
April 18, 2017
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The Gigamon Visibility Platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now available in the AWS Marketplace.

Organizations can access Gigamon’s visibility delivery solutions with the full knowledge and confidence that the tools meet AWS’ exacting requirements and integrate into the greater AWS ecosystem.

Gigamon also achieved elevated Amazon Partner Network (APN) and Public Sector Partner Program statuses, which expand the company’s reach with AWS partner communities.

Gigamon’s new AWS Marketplace listing makes it more accessible for customers to find, subscribe to and deploy Gigamon’s solutions. With increasing volumes of data traversing to public clouds, the Gigamon Visibility Platform delivers automated visibility into AWS workloads while accelerating the scale, performance and effectiveness of existing network security and monitoring toolsets.

To achieve APN Advanced Technology Partner status, Gigamon underwent rigorous evaluations to meet the stringent APN technical validation criteria for reliability, security, performance and product architecture, including live customer deployments. The designation demonstrates the company’s ability to deliver faster, improved and more secure application workload performance in AWS.

Gigamon also pursued Public Sector Partner status by satisfying requirements around dedicated experience and readiness to support government, education and nonprofit entities. Private sector and state and local government and education (SLED) organizations can gain increased visibility in AWS while meeting strict security, compliance and regulatory standards.

“With Gigamon’s Visibility Platform now available in the AWS Marketplace, cloud and security operations teams can gain deep visibility to traffic traversing hybrid clouds,” said Ananda Rajagopal, VP of Products at Gigamon. “The achieved awareness gained provides real-time insights so that organizations can take action to securely manage mission-critical workloads and protect sensitive data whether in physical, virtual and cloud environments.”

Gigamon expanded its growing security eco-system with new technology partner, Vectra Networks, whose solution provides visibility and automated detection of advanced attacker behaviors on the network. Together, the companies offer a combination of network intelligence and threat detection that allows businesses to successfully leverage cloud strategies within their public infrastructures.

“Vectra partnered with Gigamon to bring our AI-based automated threat-hunting capabilities to the public cloud, giving enterprises real-time visibility of advanced attackers throughout their extended networks—from users to data center to cloud,” said Kevin Kennedy, VP of Products at Vectra.

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