RoundTower Becomes Turbonomic Platinum Partner
April 18, 2017
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Turbonomic's long-time channel partner, RoundTower Technologies, has become a Turbonomic Platinum Partner.

This exclusive tier is part of Turbonomic’s 360o Partner Program announced less than a year ago. RoundTower and Turbonomic recently invested in advanced certification training through Turbonomic’s Accreditation Program to position RoundTower to deliver on complex customer use cases such as public cloud migration and hybrid cloud design.

In addition, the two companies collaborated to release the first Turbonomic Reference Architecture for VMware vSphere.

RoundTower is an advanced technology solution provider that delivers innovative solutions and services in the areas of data center infrastructure, converged platforms, cloud automation and orchestration, DevOps, and data analytics. Its mission is to enable its customers to drive positive business outcomes by becoming more agile and efficient through the use of technology. RoundTower’s investment in its autonomic computing practice positions it as the go-to Turbonomic technology partner for any customer need.

“Our decision to invest in our Turbonomic practice is consistent with our strategy to be a vendor-agnostic, strategic partner to our customers based purely on their business need. In addition, we’re committed to being a leading solution provider when it comes to our technical knowledge and certifications,” said René van den Bedem, Cloud Automation & DevOps Practice Manager at RoundTower. “The real value of Turbonomic comes from the fact that it integrates with a wide variety of endpoints regardless of cloud, infrastructure or architecture, and enables us to be an elite vendor-agnostic solution provider. We are particularly excited to make the Reference Architecture available not only for our customers, but for the Turbonomic partner community as a whole.”

“RoundTower has been an exemplary Turbonomic partner for over three years and we’re incredibly pleased to support its success through the 360o Partner Program,” said Sean Finnegan, VP of Channel Sales at Turbonomic. “Growing our ecosystem with advanced partners like RoundTower is extremely important for our go-to-market strategy, particularly to meet the demands for complex Turbonomic use cases.”

Advanced Certification Training & Reference Architecture

Last month, RoundTower hosted Turbonomic for a weeklong advanced training and certification course for 25 RoundTower cloud automation practice team members and two customers. This advanced certification enables RoundTower to fully demonstrate the Turbonomic platform to its customers and integrate it with even the most complex environments. It is critical to validating that the Turbonomic solutions delivered to the market align with and address real customer problems, regardless of complexity.

“We are excited about the increasing number of customers and partners who have earned Turbonomic ACE certification,” said Orna Kliger, Senior Director of the Turbonomic Circle of Excellence. “They learn how to maximize the value of their investment in our platform, and we gain so much from their perspective.”

The "Powered by Turbonomic" Reference Architecture for vSphere provides easy-to-consume documentation for customers to understand how Turbonomic will integrate and interact with their infrastructure.

“These conceptual architecture guides are designed to show where the integration with our technology partners is enhanced by the value Turbonomic brings with our autonomic platform. The Powered by Turbonomic series bridges the gap between the quick view and long-form technical documentation,” said Eric Wright, Technology Evangelist for Turbonomic. “Being able to work with René and the RoundTower team demonstrates the value of our partner ecosystem.”

RoundTower and Turbonomic are developing a series of Best Practices Guides to complement the Reference Architecture.

Turbonomic works with more than 250 global partners including RoundTower to help customers adopt the future of cloud and virtualization management.

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