Virtual Instruments Releases VirtualWisdom 5.2
May 18, 2017
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Virtual Instruments announced VirtualWisdom 5.2, offering IT teams a simple yet comprehensive understanding of the health, utilization and performance of the infrastructure underpinning their business-critical applications.

VirtualWisdom 5.2 delivers actionable insights so that collaborative teams can proactively assure performance, optimize cost and reduce risk throughout their constantly changing data center infrastructure.

In addition, Virtual Instruments announced a new lower-cost, entry-level 12-port 16Gb SAN Performance Probe for Fibre Channel environments, giving customers more deployment options and expanding the reach of the VirtualWisdom Performance Probes to regional data centers. The new probe reduces the per-port cost of real-time performance monitoring by approximately 35 percent.

New VirtualWisdom 5.2 features support hyperconverged architectures and improved visibility of hybrid IT infrastructure environments, providing real-time situational awareness throughout the entire enterprise IT organization.

Key features include:

- New topology visualizations that allow users to instantly identify fabric component speed mismatches;

- New dashboard enhancements that make it easier to produce application-focused views that aggregate data across key infrastructure components;

- Expanded usability to accelerate systems configuration and apply the right analytics to accelerate problem resolution;

- New personalization pages so users can select their preferred User Interface theme;

- Enhanced navigation support for more breadcrumbs, as well as detailed and turnkey selection options for analytical views and preferences;

- REST API access with token-based authentication; and

- Beta support for the hyperconverged VxRails platform including VMware VSAN data collection, which can be incorporated and correlated with the VirtualWisdom management and analytics platform. In addition, VirtualWisdom will support the Dell EMC ScaleIO software-defined-storage platform later this year.

“With our new Performance Probe, alongside VirtualWisdom 5.2, we’ve lowered the barrier to entry for critical visualization and analysis of vast infrastructure data,” said Philippe Vincent, CEO of Virtual Instruments. “Our App-centric IPM can now give a broader customer base insight into their infrastructure performance within the context of supported applications, making infrastructure teams even more valuable to the application owners they support.”

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