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DevOps has already taken the IT world by storm, and it’s continuing to transform the way organizations develop, deploy, monitor, and maintain applications, along with underlying infrastructure. It’s quickly transitioning from a niche scope to a critical business outcome that all teams hoping to scale to digital transformation. We collected the top 10 practices around DevOps your CIO and team need to know about to adopt the best model for success.

RTView Enterprise Monitor aggregates health and performance data of individual components to interpret the impact on your top-level business applications and middleware platforms so that you can instantly grasp the bigger picture in context.

This e-book breaks down the various foundational components that build up the transition to DevOps within an enterprise. It also introduces the continuous life cycle that maintains the integration and collaboration needed to deliver an exceptional end user experience with your applications.

This eBook looks at how APM is evolving to handle new challenges in IT. These include breaking monolithic applications into microservices, containers, the transition to mobility and the increased use of APIs to connect systems, data analytics, visualizations and the cloud. While traditional systems have trouble keeping up with these updated capabilities, today’s APM solutions have to be able to adapt and execute on these expectations to track and optimize an end user’s experience.

Everyone talks about the soft benefits of APM, but what about hard dollar savings? AppDynamics asked customers to calculate how much they've saved with AppDynamics, and the results are pretty awesome. This white paper outlines three ROI case studies with real APM users: Edmunds.com, Fox News and Karavel. Read the white paper to find out how much they saved with APM.

From engaging and delighting customers, to enhancing employee productivity and supporting business-critical processes, your applications are the foundation of your business. Hence the need for APM. But, how do you choose the right solution? This paper will give you the information you need to know to pick an APM solution that will help optimize your business applications to ensure they deliver at 100%.

When operating distributed systems and distributed applications, you need access to as much information as possible. This paper provides developers, operators, and IT professionals with a dozen proven recipes for Monitoring Docker Containers.

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