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October 31, 2014

With Halloween here, it is a fitting time to take a look at some of the most critical challenges facing companies as they put systems in place to optimize application performance in order to deliver great experiences to end-users. Optimizing application performance to deliver high-quality, frictionless user experiences across all devices and all channels isn’t easy, especially if you’re struggling with these frightening issues. Click on the image below to read the blog ...

October 31, 2014

On Halloween, there's no shortage of horror movies to scare and entertain you. Among the usual cast of creepy characters, zombies are among the most popular underdogs. They're (often) embarrassingly slow and brainless. They have terrible personal hygiene. They can't operate machinery of any kind, they can't drive and they don't know how to use a computer or a smartphone. Speaking of technology, network zombies, on the other hand, are an all too real menace for the modern-day IT administrator.

Click on the image to read the Halloween blog ...

October 31, 2014

Just in time for Halloween, SolarWinds presents some frightening scenarios. Click on the image below to see the videos ...

October 30, 2014

John Rakowski, Forrester Analyst & Advisor Serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, discusses "End-User Behavior" vs. "End-User Experience", Digital Business Transformation, analytics and where APM fits in ...

October 28, 2014

John Rakowski, Forrester Analyst & Advisor Serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, discusses the concept of the Age of the Customer, and where APM fits in ...

October 22, 2014

Gartner, Inc. said advanced analytics is a top business priority, fueled by the need to make advanced analysis accessible to more users and broaden the insight into the business. IT and business leaders must expand their efforts to move their organizations from using only traditional BI that addresses descriptive analysis (what happened) to advanced analytics, which complements by answering "why", "what will happen" and "how we can address it" ...

October 15, 2014
Ofer Ronen

According to eMarketer, as of 2014 Americans consume more media using mobile devices than laptops and desktops combined. This shift in consumer behavior is also occurring within corporations, as employees increasingly rely on mobile devices for their work. With such a surge in mobile usage there is a growing need for corporations to ensure that their mobile experience is high quality and not broken. Since 86% of mobile experiences occur within apps and not mobile browsers, focusing on improving app performance has a larger impact on mobile quality. The following are 4 key differences that companies monitoring their server (and website) performance should consider when selecting a mobile app performance monitoring solution ...

October 10, 2014
Amir Rozenberg

Mobile monitoring is materially different from web monitoring, mainly due to the nature of the highly capable thick client. At the same time, the trends repeat: in the same way web monitoring quickly evolved to adopt the end user perspective through specific browsers and browser versions, also here, mobile monitoring is irrelevant if you’re not opting to adopt the end user perspective. With that in mind, there are more than a few choices when coming to select your mobile monitoring solution. Here are some principles you want to keep in mind as you decide about your initial foray into this space ...

October 02, 2014
Vess Bakalov

Our connected world continues to transform into a mobile one. The network is a constant and fascinating companion, which grants us 24/7 access where communication is instant and takes place across an array of devices, unconstrained by physical barriers. As a result, the IT infrastructure is more critical than ever for business operations. Companies and organizations are calling upon a variety of technologies that are changing the face of today’s network — from mobile devices, to cloud services, to web-based applications ...

September 25, 2014
Karun Subramanian

What is the best APM (Application Performance Management) solution out there in the market today? Unfortunately that question cannot be answered until your requirements are clearly defined. However, when shopping for an APM solution, there are certain qualities that you must consider in order to ensure maximum ROI (Return on Investment). The following are 8 qualities you must look for in an APM solution if your enterprise is primarily Java based ...

September 18, 2014
Atchison Frazer and Jason Dover

Moving your businesses' infrastructure, including the application layer and associated APIs, to the cloud, is a daunting task given today's plethora of digital tools available and heightened concerns of data protection, application performance and data integrity. One of the most conveniently accessible options is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery via cloud computing, which offers businesses a reliable, cost-effective way to manage and track company IT consumption without the burden of managing physical servers. But leveraging the public cloud introduces inherent challenges in terms of quality of application delivery and performance because a company's data now traverses through a series of externally maintained systems and security controls. Accordingly, enterprises looking to move to a SaaS app-delivery cloud model should consider the following ...

September 15, 2014

The team behind APMdigest has launched a companion site called the APM Buyers Guide at apmbuyersguide.com

The APM Buyers Guide is a directory of the vendors and their product offerings in the Application Performance Management (APM) market, as well as related markets including Business Service Management (BSM), End User Experience Management (EUEM), IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), Logging Analysis, Performance and Availability Monitoring, Network Performance Management (NPM), and Application Testing. The purpose of the site is to present the many vendors in these technology spaces, clarify which vendors offer which product types and capabilities, and showcase the featured vendors and their products ...

September 04, 2014
Denis Goodwin

In order to properly manage your applications and user experience you need to start with monitoring them. Application monitoring is evolving — from its beginnings of simply pinging a server to see if it is up, to new, more sophisticated techniques which monitor every detail of a user interaction. How do you decide what techniques to use, should you abandon old methods for new? There are two main techniques used to monitor applications: Synthetic monitoring, also called directed monitoring, and Real monitoring, also called passive monitoring. What’s the difference between Synthetic monitoring and real application monitoring? ...

September 02, 2014

Doug Roberts, Director of Enterprise Products at Fluke Networks, discusses Application Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM), how it works and what benefits this solution delivers ...

August 29, 2014

Doug Roberts, Director of Enterprise Products at Fluke Networks, discusses Application Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) and its relation to — and difference from — Application Performance Management (APM) and traditional Network Performance Management (NPM) ...

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