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Feature Articles

April 10, 2014
Gabriel Lowy

The PADS Framework, for Performance Analytics and Decision Support, represents a more holistic approach to adaptive, proactive and predictive operational data management and analysis. The framework links advanced performance management and big data analytics technologies to enable organizations to gain deep and real-time visibility into, and predictive intelligence from, increasingly complex virtualized and mobile systems across the entire application delivery chain ...

April 08, 2014
Gabriel Lowy

A new Performance Analytics and Decision Support (PADS) framework linking advanced performance management and big data analytics technologies will emerge in 2014 ...

April 03, 2014
Josh Galde

Keynote recently conducted a survey of more than 1,600 mobile website and app developers, IT and quality assurance professionals, to help determine the state of mobile testing practices and tools. The survey, the largest of its kind ever undertaken, asked respondents about the structure of their organizations, their most pressing challenges, and what tools and processes they are utilizing to address those challenges and assure the highest levels of mobile quality ...

March 31, 2014

Betsy Nichols, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist for Netuitive, discusses IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), data science, algorithms, predictive analytics - and how they all relate to APM ...

March 27, 2014
Sridhar Iyengar

In Part 2 of this article series, we will look at the rising popularity of Application Performance Monitoring (APM), the resurgence of BSM, and how APM and BSM are converging to achieve the goal of IT and business alignment ...

March 25, 2014
Sridhar Iyengar

Interest in Business Service Management (BSM) is resurging as companies strive to make their IT departments more responsive to their business needs. Simultaneously, APM has also emerged stronger in the last few years to encompass a broader scope in IT management. This two-article series looks at the evolution of BSM and APM, the key drivers for both technologies, and how we're seeing them converge to fulfill the promise of aligning IT with business ...

March 20, 2014
Richard Rauch

"Big Data" is among the hottest topics in business today. Executives want to know how to gain actionable insights and make decisions from the flood of data and metadata pouring out of their networks. That's good – it's their job to look for any way they can increase sales, reduce waste, and generally improve their business efficiency. But to get to those actionable insights, you first have to make some kind of sense of all this data ...

March 17, 2014
Brad Hale

Even non-sports fans can get swept up in March Madness mania. However, when it comes to live streaming games on company-owned devices, on the company network and/or during office hours, end users can wreak havoc on the network. So how can IT pros prepare for March Madness (and other popular live streaming events)? We've compiled five tips to help keep networks running smoothly ...

March 13, 2014
Larry Dragich

A well-oiled Application Performance Management (APM) solution comes from correlating bottom-up monitoring (infrastructure monitoring) with insights from top-down monitoring (real-time application monitoring) all within the context of the end-user-experience (EUE). But from what angle should we be looking at APM as it relates to IT strategy?

March 11, 2014
Michael Azoff

The market for Application Performance Management (APM) solutions continues to expand on the strength of innovation within the APM industry, resulting in new-generation tools, and also as a result of major shifts in IT usage around mobile and cloud, leading to demand for new APM capabilities. To help IT decision-makers choose the right solution for their needs, the Ovum Decision Matrix on APM takes 10 of the leading APM solutions, evaluates and compares them side-by-side ...

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