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August 20, 2014

The traditional methods used to define and develop desktop applications will not work with mobile application development (AD), according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner said that as demand from business units in enterprises puts increasing pressure on IT organizations to deliver large numbers of mobile applications, AD teams will have to to employ practices that are different from traditional AD ...

August 12, 2014
Eran Kinsbruner

There are many components that need to be considered prior to launching an app to ensure a successful user experience. A Dev/Test team's worst nightmare is to launch an app they spent hours, days, weeks, and months to build, only to receive reports of bugs that ruin the user's experience. The mobile app market is extremely competitive, with Gartner citing the number of app downloads reaching nearly 269 billion by 2017. With so many options, only apps that work will survive. If an app fails to meet the user's expectations due to poor functionality, availability or reliability, abandonment will most likely occur. So, how does a mobile Dev/Test team prevent app failure from the beginning? ...

August 07, 2014
Chris O'Connor

We now live in the age of the consumer, and the ability to engage with companies wherever, whenever is expected by all. Well-performing mobile apps are becoming synonymous with quality customer service, and companies are increasingly distinguished by the various mobile applications they can (or cannot) provide for their customers. How do small businesses, which often lack large budgets to properly monitor and manage a myriad of different consumer-facing apps, compete with larger competitors? By tapping into APM capabilities via the cloud, smaller companies can implement advanced app management strategies without an extensive physical IT infrastructure - and the money required to manage it. Here's a look into how APM Software-as-a-Service provides SMBs with the tools needed to evolve into the mobile businesses customers are demanding ...

August 04, 2014
Sasha Gilenson

IT is mandated to build and maintain IT environments with the highest possible availability, within budget and available resources. Challenges faced by IT Operations have intensified due to both the rapid growth in performance and event monitoring data volumes. As a result, for many IT organizations, especially with limited resources and with specialists wearing many hats, they often spend too much time fighting fires with “maintenance & support” and not enough time proactively avoiding issues like performance or availability problems. The amount of time IT Ops spends firefighting not only hurts the IT department, but innovation across the entire company. So how can the IT pro, who is fed up with just handling crisis after crisis, better leverage limited resources and get onto the important issues ...

July 31, 2014

Bill Berutti, President, Performance & Availability, BMC Software, presents a vision of the future for Application Performance Management involving SaaS, mobility, cloud and Social IT ...

July 29, 2014

Bill Berutti, President, Performance & Availability, BMC Software, talks about the strategic direction of BMC's Performance & Availability product line group and the Application Performance Management (APM) market today ...

July 22, 2014
Aruna Ravichandran

We live in a time when applications reign supreme. More and more of our interactions with business are done digitally via an app. Your software is now the face of your business. But how does your current software reflect on your brand and reputation? Does it give you competitive edge against more nimble, newer challengers? Recently, CA Technologies and Forrester conducted a survey to evaluate the impact of software modernization on a number of key business metrics.The findings were fascinating, and require us to rethink the way we develop, deploy, and refresh enterprise software ...

July 16, 2014
Dustin Whittle

Nearly 90 percent surveyed stopped using an app due to poor performance, according to The App Attention Span study, conducted by AppDynamics in partnership with the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) at Goldsmiths, University of London. The App Attention Span investigated the impact of the increasing importance and use of mobile devices on aspects of people’s behavior, and the corresponding business implications. It reveals that, as people’s attention spans for poor-performing apps shorten, the stakes are high for any business that depends on its website or mobile app ...

July 14, 2014
Matt Goldberg

The wireless landscape has changed dramatically in a very short period of time. Not only is there greater capacity demand, but wireless networks themselves have become infinitely more complex because of growing interconnectedness, new technology innovations, and shifting patterns of user activity. All of these factors mean that capacity planning models also have to change. There are more variables to monitor and more scenarios to consider. At the same time, the consequences of not being able to accurately predict bandwidth demand loom larger than ever. Capacity planning has to be a strategic priority, and capacity planning models have to reflect the new realities of network evolution in 2014 ...

June 30, 2014

Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst at Ovum, discusses his discoveries while researching the Ovum Decision Matrix on APM 2014-15 ...

June 23, 2014

APMdigest rounds out the list with some final thoughts on the many valuable tools available – beyond what is technically categorized as APM – to support the goals of improving application performance and business service ...

June 20, 2014

APMdigest continues the list, cataloging the many valuable tools available – beyond what is technically categorized as APM – to support the goals of improving application performance and business service. Entries 11-15 are all about the network ...

June 19, 2014

APMdigest continues the list, cataloging the many valuable tools available – beyond APM – to support the goals of improving application performance and business service. Entries 6-10 involve monitoring, testing and logging ...

June 17, 2014

While Application Performance Management is the focus of APMdigest, we have always maintained a very broad coverage of technologies that relate to application performance and business service. Rather than only discuss APM tools, we feature articles, blogs, news and other content on a variety of related tools, most of which you will see on the list. With this list, APMdigest is cataloging the many valuable tools available – beyond what is technically categorized as APM – to support goals of improving application performance and business service ...

June 10, 2014
Ennio Carboni

It’s been four years since the last World Cup and more than a few soccer fans around the globe are eagerly awaiting the big kick-off later this week in Brazil. So what does the World Cup mean for your network? A great deal actually.World Cup matches will often run during the American work day. You can bet that many of your employees will be streaming games and highlights across your network on their personal devices or company-issued laptops. As a result, traffic spikes will cause wireless bandwidth issues, network and application performance will take a hit, and along with that, so will employee productivity. Factor in the deluge of resulting help desk support calls and a little pre-emptive strike will go a long way. Here are five steps network managers and administrators can take to help prepare for the world’s most watched online event ...

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