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July 31, 2014

Getting ready for the holiday traffic spikes can create a lot of stress and anxiety for teams responsible for making sure everything goes perfectly. Luckily there are still 3 things you can do to prepare, even after code lock. Register for this webinar now and make sure you are ready for the holiday traffic spikes.

August 07, 2014

Join Ken Godskind, Chief blogger and Analyst, APMExaminer.com, to learn how the big data of APM can supercharge your DevOps transformation. Chris Kline, Senior Product Manager, CA Technologies, also shows how the Advanced Behavior Analytics capability of CA APM can assist you in this journey.

On-Demand Webinars

Learn how to improve your incident management process with real-time analytics. Join Scott Corrigan, VP of Technology Services at Nastel as he shows you how to:

- Detect anomalies before the end user is affected
- Determine the root-cause of application and middleware performance problems
- Demonstrate real-life situations and how they are easily resolved

Are you currently using System Center and trying to determine what the benefits are for the Cloud and your organization? Or are you a Systems Administrator who is not interested in the Cloud or sees it as an overblown fad or a threat to how we have successfully done business for years? Join our FREE Webinar where MVP Cameron Fuller and Savision will discuss the Cloud from the perspective of a Systems Administrator. The goal for this Webinar is to get past the hype and move into the reality of what the Cloud is, how it may be beneficial to your organization, and how it may be important to your career.

In this webinar we will discuss how to improve productivity using self-service. IT budgets in many firms have been flat; however, IT specialists are still required to “do more with less”. Self-service can help address this via secure delegation of duties and control over privileged access. This enables more users to benefit directly from your IT management tools as they can access them directly without requiring constant administrative involvement. Richard Nikula, VP Development and Support at Nastel Technologies will discuss the meaning of self-service for MQ and how the application group, shared services and DevOps can take advantage of this. Register now and watch it on-demand!

Recommended Webinar: With the rise of mobile, traffic spikes and more, there are five common mistakes eCommerce businesses make around the holiday rush – even when they think they are prepared for everything. What if you could eliminate the complex challenges associated with consumer holiday shopping behavior? Jon Anhold, Technology Director at Rosetta, will discuss how to avoid these key eCommerce mistakes as you prepare NOW for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Stay off the naughty list this year and register today!

Recommended Webinar: This webinar focuses on how the network team can achieve a more prominent role in managing service delivery to better understand network and application performance. We will explore best practices for achieving end-to-end operational visibility that extends from the data center, through the network, to the users – enabling a comprehensive view into the network infrastructure and all applications and services. The session features practical approaches to managing performance in Cisco environments and how to leverage NetScout to achieve operational visibility that helps to increase uptime and improve the user experience.

Recommended Webinar: This session will explore real-world issues about how the adoption and implementation of cloud services affects service delivery. It will provide an actionable framework to accelerate the deployment and delivery of high performance Cloud-based applications. NetScout will delve into best practices to help you understand how to implement a holistic monitoring strategy to more effectively optimize performance, availability, and quality of applications in virtualized and Cloud-based environments to reduce cost and complexity, increase uptime and improve the user experience.

Recommended Webinar: Mark Hammer, Senior Product Director of Collaborator at SmartBear, will discuss with Andrew Park, VP of Engineering at G3 Technologies, how developers can address the issue of quality – before the product gets to QA and especially before it gets to the customer. Reflecting on his years of experience in building top development teams, Park will explain the processes and tools he uses to achieve high quality — and how they can save companies money in reworks and fixes.

Recommended Webinar: Join Neebula's Bob Johnson, CMO, and Stu Curtis, Solutions Architect as they explore the concept of better assessing and controlling change in today’s data center and offer overlooked practices that will radically improve the reliability of change.

Recommended Webinar: Great American Insurance Group faced slow transaction response times, visibility issues into their apps and was having a difficult time defining what “good performance” actually meant. Hear how they overcame these challenges and reduced slow application transaction response times, decreased mean time to resolution and drove faster code changes and performance improvements, and established common performance KPIs across the lifecycle and business.

Recommended Webinar: Join John Jelinek, the co-founder of DevOps Live, and Matt Zanderigo of Riverbed for some expert coaching on taking the plunge to DevOps, smoothing out the interaction between development and operations, and gaining visibility into application change to help speed up application rollouts.

Recommended Webinar: In this webinar, Savision's co-founder Dennis Rietvink outlines the benefits and features of the newest release of Live Maps-Unity, from a business perspective. Learn how Live Maps Unity can help you transform Microsoft System Center into a plug-and-play Business Service Management solution. If you have any questions, you can submit them at the end of the webinar.

Recommended Webinar: In this webinar, Savision's co-founder, Dennis Rietvink outlines the benefits and features of the newest release of Live Maps-Unity, from a technical perspective. Learn how Live Maps Unity can help you transform Microsoft System Center into a plug-and-play Business Service Management solution. If you have any questions, you can submit them at the end of the webinar.

Recommended Webinar: Join Neebula's Stu Curtis, Solutions Architect, and Bob Johnson, CMO, as they explore the practical uses and differences between application dependencies versus service dependencies and how moving from a “Component View” to a “Service View” of availability can help you better support your CWO.

Recommended Webinar: In this Webinar, Savision and Thomas Maurer, Microsoft MVP and Cloud Architect at Itnetx gmbh, outline how Fabric resource like Compute, Storage and Network can be managed efficiently and how System Center Virtual Machine Manager provides a solution to build a datacenter abstraction layer.

Recommended Webinar: In this Webinar, Steven Dwyer, lead developer at Savision, introduces Cloud Reporter for System Center, a robust auditing and capacity planning solution for private clouds based on Microsoft’s Hyper-V. During the webinar you will learn how to: Maximize virtualization investments by right-sizing virtual machine deployments; conquer VM sprawl by identifying idle and in-active virtual machines; forecast future hardware needs with predictive analytics; prevent unplanned downtime by predicting resource exhaustion; provide visibility into hardware resource consumption.

Recommended Webinar: Join John McMains, CEO of Principled Technologies, and Bart Peluso of CA Technologies as they discuss how the ideal APM analytics solution effectively finds and automatically fixes issues, cuts downtime, ensures SLA compliance, and is simple to manage, so IT can deliver the high-quality service users demand.

Recommended Webinar: Join featured speakers Alan Shimel, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, DevOps.com, and Stephen Wilson, Technology Performance Evangelist, Compuware APM, to discover how your IT team can embrace DevOps and release apps at the speed of your business.

Recommended Webinar: Join industry veterans Bob Johnson, Stu Curtis, Solutions Architect, and Mike Battistella, Chief Technologist as they discuss ways to optimize your approach to managing the availability of your critical business services using service-centric modeling. They will also discuss practical uses of service-centric mapping for improving change impact analysis, rapid problem isolation, business health monitoring and creating a “service-aware” CMDB.

Recommended Webinar: Join featured speakers from ULTA Beauty, the largest beauty retailer that provides one-stop shopping for prestige, mass and salon products and salon services in the US, as they discuss the retailer's e-Commerce evolution that led to understanding and optimizing their customers’ online experience. Discover how ULTA Beauty: gains full end-to-end visibility into user experience; captures the business impact of user experience and application performance; accelerates time to market for new functionalities and services.

Recommended Webinar: Join Compuware and guest speaker John Rakowski, Forrester Research Analyst for Infrastructure and Operations, to learn why network monitoring is in need of a strategic change: a focus on application and business-user awareness alongside traditional infrastructure components. During the webinar you will learn more about: warning signs of an inadequate application monitoring approach; top features of optimal application-aware monitoring solutions; how to centralize IT support to include network, application and infrastructure teams.