Upcoming Webinars

April 15, 2015

Who monitors the monitor? Gain insight into the effectiveness of your monitoring policies. In this session you will learn how to:
- Unlock gems hidden within your AutoPilot environment.
- Measure effectiveness of your monitoring and middleware infrastructure.
- Determine how many times environment is in an error or emergency state and why.
- Count events/alerts/actions, summarize by day, week, month, year.

April 21, 2015

It’s easy to get started with New Relic APM: Simply add the agent to your application and set a couple of configuration settings, and in just a few minutes you get a wealth of performance data. But there are a number of less-used features that can make New Relic even more powerful. In this session, you’ll learn how to use some of these advanced features:
- Thread profiling
- Deployment tracking
- X-Ray Sessions
- Using the New Relic API to automate customize APM's behavior

April 22, 2015

Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity, and Kris Hansen, Managing Director at Axxiome, will cover three best practices for IT to get an end to end view of the technologies supporting omni-channel:
- Breaking down IT Management silos to offer a consistent, unified view of the performance & availability of all systems supporting the retail branch
- Deliver excellent customer experience through a user-centric view of end user experience management
- Guarantee excellent end user experience by augmenting infrastructure performance and availability with business activity analytics

April 23, 2015

New Relic captures a ton of information about your application. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mine that data to help make business decisions? This course will teach you how to use New Relic Insights to answer all those questions your bosses keep asking. You’ll learn:
- What New Relic Insights is and why you should care
- How to navigate the Insights user interface
- How to use New Relic Query Language (NRQL) to create queries
- How to use dashboards to display query results

April 24, 2015

When your application’s end-users are experiencing poor performance, there’s only one thing one your mind - you need to find the problem and fix it immediately. Join this webinar with PagerDuty and AppDynamics as they discuss the benefits of integrating AppDynamics APM solution with PagerDuty’s operations performance software and demo the integration live. You’ll see how dynamic threshold-based application performance notifications from AppDynamics trigger incidents within PagerDuty, ensuring the appropriate technician can be working on the problem within minutes.

April 28, 2015

DevOps isn’t just for the “Unicorns.” Join this webinar as Gene Kim explains how you can replicate the DevOps practices and successes of the so-called “Unicorns.” Discover the lessons he’s learned from studying these companies and how you can apply them at your company!

May 05, 2015

In this session, you will learn:
- How New Relic collects application metrics
- What Apdex is and how it is calculated
- How to use New Relic to identify performance issues:
- Transaction traces, Error traces, Browser monitoring
- How to use Key Transactions
- How to create custom dashboards

May 08, 2015

This webinar will explain how New Relic can ensure your customers receive the experience that will foster greater loyalty and retention. You’ll learn how New Relic:
- Monitors how customers actually interact with your software, showing which features are being used and whether the experience differs by geography, by browser, by device etc.
- Helps you identify the changes you need to make to improve the performance of applications that your customers are using.
- Enables you to spot performance trends and proactively fix emerging issues.
- Empowers the business to understand the impact of performance issues on key goals such as conversion, revenue and other KPIs.

May 13, 2015

Watch this TechTalk and discover how to:
- Increase visibility of performance trends in messaging middleware, application servers and SOA appliances.
- Gain "situational awareness" of middleware issues - in business context.
- Track messages through various middleware tiers and resolve quality-of-service issues before users are impacted.

June 10, 2015

Improve productivity even when IT budgets are flat. Learn how self-service is the answer to IT requirements to do more with less. See how Shared Services and DevOps both benefit in improved productivity from MQ Self-service.
Join this webinar and discover:
- The meaning of self-service for WMQ
- Control over segregation of duties & privileged access
- How Apps, Shared Services and DevOps can work together

July 08, 2015

Watch this TechTalk and discover:
- How to use CEP technology (Complex Event Processing) to provide insight into the health and performance of banking applications.
- How to detect performance trends and patterns in complex, multi-tier banking applications.
- Achieve a 360° holistic view that gives visibility of application issues before business services are impacted.

On-Demand Webinars

AppDynamics offers a variety of on-demand webinars on topics such as Application Performance Management (APM), IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), Mobile APM, Real User Monitoring (RUM) and AppDynamics product demos.

You architected well, deployed with care but unfortunately this does not mean your users are having a great experience as they access services from all over the globe. This webinar will look at how to maximize end-user satisfaction through the deployment of unified monitoring so if there is a problem you know about it before it affects your users. Attendees of this event will learn:
• What needs to be monitored to ensure full insight into Microsoft solutions and how
• How to troubleshoot problems once identified to minimize end-user impact
• Learning lessons from problems to ensure they don’t happen again

You architected well, deployed with care but unfortunately this does not mean your users are having a great experience as they access services from all over the globe. This on-demand event will look at how to maximize end-user satisfaction through the deployment of unified monitoring so if there is a problem you know about it before it affects your users.

The 9 Noble Truths of Network, Server & Application Monitoring, to hear from Network World’s Jim Metzler on how IT teams can thrive while dealing with an increasingly large and complex environment and requirements to constantly “do more with less” and deliver near-zero downtime. View on-demand now!

According to Forrester Research, 95% digital shoppers started on a smartphone and continued on a PC1. Beyond that, 53% of shoppers use their mobile devices while in your physical store. This means an exceptional digital user experience is increasingly important, and not just for online sales. To secure conversions and minimize abandonments you need to have visibility and control over your customers’ entire digital experience. How do you do that? Join featured speaker, Julie Ask, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, as she discusses:
- Top 5 recommendations for successful 2015 digital strategies
- Evolving customer expectations
- Lessons learned from eCommerce and mCommerce leaders

Join Richard Nikula, VP, Product Development and Support, Nastel Technologies, and find out:
• What capabilities beyond just monitoring MQ exist and how can you leverage them in your organization.
• How does going beyond monitoring in environments provide benefits to you.
• What value does Nastel offer that can be utilized by your organization to reduce overall cost.

When application performance problems impact end users it is critical to quickly find and remediate the root cause. To maintain application performance and availability, system administrators should utilize a holistic approach to managing their IT infrastructure. A traditional approach to systems management is no longer viable. You need end-to-end application and infrastructure visibility which includes insights into storage, virtual machines, networks, and servers. In this webcast we will walk through a troubleshooting use case demonstrating how that process can be radically simplified using the new releases of our Systems Management products, now enabled with end-to-end application and infrastructure stack (AppStack) dashboard visibility. Join SolarWinds product experts Mike Thompson and Mario Gomez to learn how to get visibility across your entire application stack and dramatically decrease troubleshooting times.

This virtual event puts you in direct contact with experts and leaders in the DevOps space, including noted speakers from InformationWeek, Gartner, Intellyx and CA Technologies -- all without ever having to leave your seat! Learn best practice approaches for DevOps in areas of agile development, continuous delivery, and agile IT operations, and watch an inspiring keynote from Gene Kim, the "Father of DevOps."

Digital thought leader and Forbes.com contributor, Jason Bloomberg, and Anand Sundaram, VP of Products, AlertSite UXM by SmartBear, discuss how key digital trends are impacting businesses in 2015 and beyond along with the new role of Application Performance Management (APM) today.

User experience on the web, driven by performance and availability, impacts your company’s revenue, customer retention, and reputation. How do you stack up against the most important people, your competitors? More importantly, what can you do about it? Find out at the 6th annual Best of the Web Awards, where Dynatrace will once again recognize, across five US industries, those who have earned top honors for their mobile and web performance excellence throughout 2014, exceeding user’s expectations and providing exceptional online experiences. Learn from David Jones, Field Technical Support Director at Dynatrace:
- Who won Best of the Web Awards for retail, banking, brokerage, insurance, and travel
- Best practices to deliver top user experience and performance
- Recommended performance strategies for 2015
- How you can benchmark your sites against leaders and competitors

To stay agile you have to automate your large-scale infrastructure provisioning with a tool like Chef. With automation, though, comes the need to ensure the performance and availability of your infrastructure, which is not an easy task. Find out how Piyush Chugh, Advisory Technical Systems Analyst at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, does it. His team is able to test 80% of an upgrade in an isolated test environment and iterate before deploying to production; and enforce 100% accuracy and consistency of deployments between non-production and production environments. Join this webinar to learn how Piyush and team at OTPP automates their infrastructure provisioning, along with the deployment of tools they need to ensure performance and availability of the critical underpinnings of their apps with Chef.

Troy Partain, Aternity Senior Sales Engineer who has worked extensively with leading healthcare providers for the past 15 years, will present alongside Julie Craig, Research Director at analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates, and share three ways EUEM optimizes digital healthcare delivery by providing:
- A single, consistent approach for ensuring quality of service for any app, delivered via cloud or on premise, running on physical, virtual, and mobile devices.
- The ability to achieve Meaningful Use goals by enabling medical staff to spend more time with patients, and less time working through administrative functions in the EHR interface.
- End User Experience Monitoring to the extended care team for the entire portfolio of applications on which they rely, no matter where they are, or what devices they use to access their apps.
New findings not previously shared around healthcare IT trends will also be presented by Enterprise Management Associates.

You architected well, deployed with care but unfortunately this does not mean your users are having a great experience as they access services from all over the globe. This event will look at how to maximize end-user satisfaction through the deployment of unified monitoring so if there is a problem you know about it before it affects your users. Attendees of this event will learn:
• What needs to be monitored to ensure full insight into Microsoft solutions and how
• How to troubleshoot problems once identified to minimize end-user impact
• Learning lessons from problems to ensure they don’t happen again

You’ve spent months getting your app ready for the big launch and now it’s go-time. Traffic begins hitting the site and within minutes it slows to a crawl; then goes up in flames. Users are leaving in droves and your brand name takes a beating across every social media outlet. It doesn’t have to be this way. Join James Carra, Manager of Hosting Operations at Volkswagen Group of America, and learn how they avoided these nightmares and confidently re-launched their flagship site.

Delivering your application to users quickly and efficiently is vital to meeting customer expectations and revenue goals. As systems become ever more distributed and complex, this gets more and more difficult. Learn how Westfield Insurance overcame the challenges of a complex, distributed IT environment by finding an APM solution that would improve end-user experience, reduce problem resolution time and manpower, and move them from a reactive to proactive mode.

Using 7 Habits of Highly Effective Network Monitoring, you will simplify root cause identification, and create an up-to-date, complete picture of your company’s wired and wireless networks, servers, and applications. Spend 45 minutes with Ipswitch to find out top ways to improve your network monitoring habits. The webinar will cover how to reduce the time you spend finding network issues and discuss how you can discover, diagram, and diagnose your IT infrastructure, servers, and applications using network monitoring tools. Join this webinar to learn how to better ensure performance and availability.

Comerica Bank is moving to a more Agile methodology, breaking down barriers between Development, QA, and Operations teams and building a performance-focused culture that enables them to improve customer engagement and experience across all channels. Join Tim Gramer, Vice President of ADS QA & Application Performance Management at Comerica Bank, to learn how to:
- Incorporate Agile methodologies and break down barriers between Development, QA, and IT Operations
- Manage risk during deployments to production
- Understand outside vendor performance and impact on your app
- Enhance customer experiences across all channels through an End User Experience Index

Today’s mobile App Developers are in-demand everywhere – they are the force behind building custom, mission-critical enterprise apps used by the workforce. Whether you are an App Developer transitioning from consumer apps to enterprise apps, or an enterprise developer moving into mobile, building your app is only the start. Paying attention to how your mobile apps perform in the field is a “must have” in order to achieve the ultimate mobile enterprise payoff. In this webinar, find out how mobile Application Performance Management (mAPM) software can ensure a quality user experience for your enterprise workforce and deliver a solid ROI for your enterprise mobility strategy. The 30-minute session will be led by Bryan Barringer, a technology and business operations expert who specializes in mobility and former leader of FedEx Services’ Office of Mobility and Collaboration.

Your business depends on delivering seamless digital experiences to your users every time across all engagement channels. It’s not just about providing functionality; you have to meet users expectations in order to maintain engagement and brand loyalty. Today’s technology architecture is increasingly complex, making digital performance management vital. If any component of your digital services underperforms in any engagement channel (mobile, tablet, computer, etc…), the impact will directly hit your company’s bottom line, brand and reputation. Join featured speaker John Rakowski, Analyst & Advisor with Forrester Research, as he explores the requirements for managing digital performance. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: deliver a delightful Omni-channel end user experience through APM; protect brand reputation and enable user loyalty through high performance; tame the complexity of digital experience delivery.

In this Tech Talk with Richard Nikula, Vice President, Product Development and Support, Nastel Technologies, learn the basics of WMQ Security; Configure Security for WMQ Users; and Configure Security for WMQ channels.

In this webinar, Scott Corrigan, Vice President of Technology Services, Nastel Technologies, will show you how to diagnose real-life problems that occur in middleware environments and resolve them before users are impacted. Detect and alert on sluggish system performance for environments using IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere DataPower, IBM Message Broker and IBM WebSphere Application Server (IBM WAS). Take a look at how to gain visibility of pending issues in complex middleware deployments and understand these in a business context.

Join Sultan Ennab, Director of Engineering at Kronos Workforce Management to learn how their development and operations teams were able to work from a common language to increase their collaboration, application visibility and overall efficiency to demonstrate productivity gains up to 809%, reduce performance defects discovery time by 9 weeks, and decrease overall response times.

Watch this information-packed on-demand webinar to gather valuable insights on the current and future state of application performance from two leading experts - Jonah Kowall, VP Research, Gartner, and Denis Goodwin, Director of Product Management, APM, SmartBear. You will learn everything you need to know about how emerging trends and technologies are reshaping the industry, and takeaway both technical and organizational aspects to help you make informed decisions now and in the future.

DevOps is a hot topic within the IT community and is quickly becoming the standard for high performing and decidedly collaborative organizations. Join Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project and DevOps researcher, as he discusses performance metrics, as well as the cultural and technical practices, that enable high performance.

Join Alan Shimel, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of DevOps.com, as he discusses five key steps for developing a culture and assessing tools that can help you deliver software faster, more efficiently, and with great quality.

In this webinar hosted by ManageEngine, guest speaker John Rakowski, analyst and advisor at Forrester Research, will share his insights on the problems plaguing the current APM approaches and how the right application performance management techniques can cement business success.

John Wilson, Application Performance Manager at Openwork - the UK’s largest multi-tie mortgage and financial advice network - will demonstrate how the group benefited from dynaTrace across multiple projects. A complex IT environment, supporting business partners, customers and staff based on a service-oriented-architecture (SOA) presented multiple challenges requiring a new approach.

Join Albert Mavashev, CTO of Nastel Technologies, and learn how to use activity tracking to detect actual or potential breaches in responsibility and warn business users of non-compliance. Compliance could include: Internal SLAs as well as standards such as and Dodd-Frank. Watch this TechTalk and discover how to:
- Monitor situations that model compliance
- Use trends, moving averages, momentum oscillators and other analytical tools to detect anomalies
- Monitor Privileged access and global user control

Join Albert Mavashev, CTO of Nastel Technologies, and learn how to rapidly detect application performance issues before users are affected. Watch this TechTalk and discover how to:
- Dynamically determine what is normal application performance
- Recognize anomalies and differentiate them from increased load
- End eyes-on-screen monitoring and end thresholds

Learn how to track middleware messages across the multiple middleware solutions, including: JMS, MQ, DataPower and WMB that interconnect your applications. Watch this TechTalk and discover how to monitor performance for transactions traversing multi-middleware, and track message flow across multi-middleware. Also find out how messaging middleware such as WMQ, MB, DataPower and MB can work in conjunction.

SAP landscapes are not getting simpler. Gradually, business processes that used to be contained on a single SAP system now involve a range of cloud based services, mobile endpoints, and other applications. With this hybrid environment comes the challenge of maintaining high level of performance and availability along with increasing user expectation and application complexity. Join featured speaker George Lawrie, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, and Michael Sanders, APM Solutions Consultant for Compuware APM to examine:
- Evolving business requirements in the age of the customer- different systems of engagement (web, mobile, tablets)
- The changing SAP architecture and strategy around SAP Hana- fast evolving new class of SAP and non-SAP systems – coexisting with the core-SAP environments
- Best practices and Forrester’s APM reference model

Join Ken Godskind, Chief blogger and Analyst, APMExaminer.com, to learn how the big data of APM can supercharge your DevOps transformation. Chris Kline, Senior Product Manager, CA Technologies, also shows how the Advanced Behavior Analytics capability of CA APM can assist you in this journey.

Learn how to improve your incident management process with real-time analytics. Join Scott Corrigan, VP of Technology Services at Nastel as he shows you how to:

- Detect anomalies before the end user is affected
- Determine the root-cause of application and middleware performance problems
- Demonstrate real-life situations and how they are easily resolved

Getting ready for the holiday traffic spikes can create a lot of stress and anxiety for teams responsible for making sure everything goes perfectly. Luckily there are still 3 things you can do to prepare, even after code lock. Register for this webinar now and make sure you are ready for the holiday traffic spikes.

In this webinar we will discuss how to improve productivity using self-service. IT budgets in many firms have been flat; however, IT specialists are still required to “do more with less”. Self-service can help address this via secure delegation of duties and control over privileged access. This enables more users to benefit directly from your IT management tools as they can access them directly without requiring constant administrative involvement. Richard Nikula, VP Development and Support at Nastel Technologies will discuss the meaning of self-service for MQ and how the application group, shared services and DevOps can take advantage of this. Register now and watch it on-demand!

Recommended Webinar: With the rise of mobile, traffic spikes and more, there are five common mistakes eCommerce businesses make around the holiday rush – even when they think they are prepared for everything. What if you could eliminate the complex challenges associated with consumer holiday shopping behavior? Jon Anhold, Technology Director at Rosetta, will discuss how to avoid these key eCommerce mistakes as you prepare NOW for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Stay off the naughty list this year and register today!

Recommended Webinar: This webinar focuses on how the network team can achieve a more prominent role in managing service delivery to better understand network and application performance. We will explore best practices for achieving end-to-end operational visibility that extends from the data center, through the network, to the users – enabling a comprehensive view into the network infrastructure and all applications and services. The session features practical approaches to managing performance in Cisco environments and how to leverage NetScout to achieve operational visibility that helps to increase uptime and improve the user experience.

Recommended Webinar: This session will explore real-world issues about how the adoption and implementation of cloud services affects service delivery. It will provide an actionable framework to accelerate the deployment and delivery of high performance Cloud-based applications. NetScout will delve into best practices to help you understand how to implement a holistic monitoring strategy to more effectively optimize performance, availability, and quality of applications in virtualized and Cloud-based environments to reduce cost and complexity, increase uptime and improve the user experience.

Recommended Webinar: Great American Insurance Group faced slow transaction response times, visibility issues into their apps and was having a difficult time defining what “good performance” actually meant. Hear how they overcame these challenges and reduced slow application transaction response times, decreased mean time to resolution and drove faster code changes and performance improvements, and established common performance KPIs across the lifecycle and business.

Recommended Webinar: Join John McMains, CEO of Principled Technologies, and Bart Peluso of CA Technologies as they discuss how the ideal APM analytics solution effectively finds and automatically fixes issues, cuts downtime, ensures SLA compliance, and is simple to manage, so IT can deliver the high-quality service users demand.

Recommended Webinar: Join featured speakers Alan Shimel, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, DevOps.com, and Stephen Wilson, Technology Performance Evangelist, Compuware APM, to discover how your IT team can embrace DevOps and release apps at the speed of your business.