Upcoming Webinars

December 02, 2015

Join this webinar to know, what Site24x7 is all about. Get to know all the modules in Site24x7, the All-in-One Monitoring Solution:
- Mobile, Website & Web Application Monitoring
- Application Performance Monitoring
- Server Monitoring
- Public & Private Cloud Monitoring
- Network Monitoring and lot more..

December 02, 2015

Join New Relic for this webinar as they discuss how:
- Monitoring Docker has helped them rethink how they monitor and analyze AWS
- Contextual information like instance size, availability zone and tags can be used to drive an understanding of transient infrastructure behavior and application performance.
- Integrating status information gives you a more accurate view of EC2 lifecycle and health
- Information powers the ability for you to analyze and display that performance information in new and powerful ways.

December 08, 2015

In this session, you’ll learn:
- How New Relic collects application metrics
- What Apdex is and how it is calculated
- How to use New Relic to identify performance issues
- Transcation Traces
- Error Traces

December 10, 2015

New Relic Mobile allows you to monitor and manage the performance of your iOS and Android applications. Mobile makes it possible for you to spend less time troubleshooting and more time building new features and products. Learning how to use New Relic Mobile Monitoring is the first step towards a faster, better performing app. This session will cover how to troubleshoot a few common application performance problems using New Relic’s Mobile Monitoring.

December 15, 2015

The New Relic dashboard is super cool, but who has time to sit around watching it all day? In this session, you’ll learn:
- How New Relic agents collect application metrics

- How Apdex is calculated

- How to use server monitoring
How to configure availability monitoring

- How to configure alert policies

December 17, 2015

Learn a practical step-by-step approach to optimizing your delivery process so you can deploy better quality software faster! Join us to learn why you should move to a metric-driven pipeline, which key quality metrics to measure, and how to integrate them to catch problems earlier.

December 17, 2015

New Relic Synthetics is a suite of automated tools to monitor your websites, critical business transactions, and API endpoints. Unlike APM and Browser, which capture performance data from real users, Synthetics allows you to create scripts to exercise your site; it can detect problems before your users see them! In this webcast you'll learn:
- How to create Synthetics monitors and view monitor results
- How to use Synthetics data to troubleshoot slow performance
- How to use Synthetics' reports and dashboards
- How to configure Synthetics alerts

January 14, 2016

Did you know that 80% or more of your application’s response time is spent on the front end? While optimizing your application server is very important, monitoring client-side performance is also critical. In this free webinar, discover how to use New Relic Browser to monitor and analyze your end users’ experience. You’ll learn:
- How to deploy New Relic Browser in your application
- How to use features like Session Traces, JavaScript and AJAX error traces, and the Page Load Time chart to identify and troubleshoot performance problems
- How to configure Apdex and Alert Policies to be notified if your application has a problem

January 21, 2016

New Relic captures a ton of information about your application. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mine that data to help make business decisions? This course will teach you how to use New Relic Insights to answer all those questions your bosses keep asking. You’ll learn:
- What New Relic Insights is and why you should care
- How to navigate the Insights user interface
- How to use New Relic Query Language (NRQL) to create queries
- How to use dashboards to display query results

February 24, 2016

Gain insight into the complete life cycle of a web page. Know exactly how real users experience your applications and get in-depth understanding of problems affecting real users.

On-Demand Webinars

Get ready to see the next evolution in End User Experience Monitoring with Aternity Version 9. Discover how it’s easier than ever to instantly monitor app performance and workforce productivity, for every app in your enterprise. This first-look 30-minute on-demand webinar will show you how Aternity 9 monitors end user experience from the perspective of the end user’s device, to address a broad set of IT Service Management challenges for the entire IT organization and the line of business. As a special thank for viewing the session, you’ll gain immediate, complimentary access to two Gartner reports: "Effectively Manage Cloud Vendors with End User Experience Monitoring" and "End User Experience Management Enables Mobile Workspace Productivity" (a combined value of $1,800).

Syed Y Ali, Technical Architect Digital Engineering & Mobile, Walgreens Co. is joined by Steve Trimbo, Global Omni-channel Practice Manager, and Aaron Rudger, Director Product Marketing of Dynatrace to share how User Experience Management enabled their success.
Join this webinar to learn:
- How Walgreens monitors digital responsiveness, reliability and user behavior including their approach to monitoring Angular.js apps and CDN performance.
- The key performance issues that Walgreens focused on in adopting a responsive and adaptive web approach
- How to use performance insights to unify technical and business strategy around user experience
- How re-platforming impacted customer adoption and engagement

With SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), you can customize interactive dynamic network maps that display layer-2 and layer-3 link utilization, device performance metrics, and automated geo-location as well as create wireless heat-maps to ensure connectivity for your mobile workforce. Join SolarWinds for an insight-packed presentation about NPM's essential network monitoring features and benefits.

Join IDC Analyst Tim Grieser, who will provide everything you need to know about IT Operations Analytics, including what key factors to consider when evaluating tools, including:
- The definition of IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)
- How many types of data will need analysis by 2017
- The top five benefits that enterprises expect from using ITOA

Join Paul Bruce, API Product Manager at SmartBear, and Robert Schneider, API training expert at WiseClouds, discussing the discrepancies between API tests and real-world use cases and best practices for data-driven testing.

The adoption of microservices add a new layer of complexity to an already complex application environment. When application issues arise, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the source and, too often, you find yourself in lengthy war rooms or assigning experts to triage every issue. As a result, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and innovation are negatively impacted. The old approach to monitoring application performance just isn’t working. A new approach is needed. In this session. industry analyst Jason Bloomberg will discuss four areas that you should consider which will change the way you think about monitoring microservices.

Learn the 5-point maturity model Sherwin-Williams used to transform themselves into a full-fledged DevOps company, and how you can too. You’ll learn how automation can help you build a bigger and better pipeline, and how to create modular environments for local development all the way through production.

Examine common application performance problems hiding in plain sight. See how you can quickly remove the noise, pinpoint root cause, and fix these problems once and for all.

Learn how to improve your incident management process with real-time analytics. Join Scott Corrigan, VP of Technology Services, at Nastel as he shows, how to:
- Detect anomalies before the end user is affected
- Determine the root-cause of application and middleware performance problems
- Demonstrate real-life situations and how they are easily resolved

Watch this TechTalk and discover:
- How to extend the scope of transaction tracking, beyond what Java bytecode instrumentation can offer, through various middleware tiers.
- Implement transaction monitoring that enables rapid diagnosis of suboptimal performance across various resource managers and applications.
- How to make transaction monitoring actionable, presented within business context, and accessible from a single point of control.

Watch this TechTalk and discover:
- How to monitor the health and performance of IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA appliances.
- How to instrument IBM DataPower appliances to track business transactions.
- How to use real-time analytics to perform proactive diagnosis of DataPower performance.

Docker is a hot topic today, and if you have Docker based applications then you know that there are multiple monitoring options available. But which one best fits your needs? Join Ruxit's next webinar, “Monitoring Docker Containers” where they will review some of the different monitoring choices offered for Docker apps, their pros and cons, as well as give insight into the unique approach Ruxit takes for Docker. Thursday September 24 at 11am EST.

There is a lot to learn from “DevOps Unicorns” such as Etsy or Facebook, but for enterprises dealing with technical debt in legacy systems developed by teams no longer with the company, copying the unicorns is not an option. So, how do you “keep the lights on” for your legacy systems, while also enabling your DevOps teams to launch new features faster? Join this webinar to learn tips to manage technical debt in legacy code, plus efficient ways to close loops while enabling DevOps to optimize innovation and releases.

If your company has moved past "what is DevOps?" to "how to implement DevOps now!" then you won't want to miss this summit. Not another introduction to DevOps theory, this virtual summit convenes thought leaders, customers and experts to discuss how teams convert strategy into executable tactics. The best part is that you can attend without ever leaving your seat. Phoenix Project author Gene Kim, acclaimed DNA consultant Dan North and guest speaker Amy DeMartine of Forrester Research, Inc. join leading customers to discuss how DevOps is put into real-world practice and what business results can be realized. You will learn how to: Accelerate build, test, release and operations, How to implement Continuous Delivery strategies and where monitoring can be used in pre-production.

When apps fail, whose fault is it? In today’s DevOps world, every stakeholder in the app delivery chain is accountable for various aspects of performance, scalability, and availability. In this webinar Mark Tomlinson, performance engineering veteran and founder of the popular PerfBytes podcast, will share seven practices to help you expand performance and effective collaboration into your DevOps team.

Learn how AppDynamics Unified Monitoring provides the required visibility from click to infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.

Find out how to use transaction tracing to determine issues with remote MQ transactions. MQ transactions can run on a number of different platforms and locations. Gathering information from all of these sources can be a challenging task.
In this session, you will learn:
- How AutoPilot can be used to easily collect this information centrally
- Easily Analyze the vast amount of data to get a complete view of the application lifecycle
- Notify stake holders before problems impact your business leveraging Nastel AutoPilot

Join Dynatrace for a talk with Hasan Yasar, Technical Manager of Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute, to learn the benefits of DevOps, automation and CD, where APM fits in DevOps, and why you need to monitor. Finally, find out all about auto-provisioning and deployment with Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, and more.

Do you wonder how your website's page speed is impacting your business? Or if you're losing traffic due to sluggish page loads? Your site's performance affects your customer's experience, and ultimately your success online. Find out how to improve your page speed and load time by joining Ruxit and Teknicks on July 29 at 1pm EST for the webinar "How Page Speed Impacts Your Online Success". This session will guide you through best practices in Google-approved SEO (Teknicks) and web performance optimization (Ruxit) that can help increase conversion and revenue for your web business! You will learn how to increase your site's uptime, beat down JavaScript errors, and troubleshoot performance issues – including that of 3rd party content providers and CDNs.

As the nation’s original and leading retailer of storage and organization products, The Container Store considers application performance a top priority. In this webinar, The Container Store’s QA Engineer, August Azzarello, explains how they have taken their application performance management one step further by embracing APM in their development lifecycle, enabling their team to do continuous testing to catch and resolve issues before customers are impacted. You’ll learn how The Container Store has succeeded in making application performance a part of their culture by:
- Using APM in both production and test environments
- Wrapping automated functional and performance testing around AppDynamics to gather real time results
- Providing developers with code-level detail to help diagnose and resolve problems
Two randomly-selected attendees will win a free ticket to AppSphere, the AppDynamics user conference in Las Vegas.

Thriving in today’s Application Economy requires a new approach to APM. Join Chris Kline, VP Product Management at CA Technologies in an online webinar to learn about CA's philosophy and the relentless focus CA has to accelerate innovation, execution and speed in the APM product line. As a proof point, in CA's recent releases, they delivered 3X more features than the previous three releases combined! And they’re doing it 3X faster than any other CA APM release window. This new investment and focus has one goal – to better serve CA customers and users enabling you to provide a better experience for your customers.

As a driving force and visionary around enterprise mobility, Marty Resnick, Mobility Strategist at a multi-national enterprise, will discuss how mobile teams can work toward proving the maximum value of their app deployments by asking the right questions to vendors who are poised to strategically enable enterprise mobility. Marty will be joined by Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity, a provider of Mobile Application Performance Management (APM) software. Marks will review how enterprises have applied Mobile APM as an integrated component of their mobile app launch strategy, along with the four key areas that mobile teams pay most attention to in order to demonstrate ROI around mobile adoption. Register today & receive a copy of the 2015 Mobile Playbook, showcasing the best real-world mobile trends, insights, & use cases around what’s influencing & driving mobile growth.

In the application economy, applications are the face of your business. Poorly performing applications and outages cost time and money. Just as importantly, bad applications can negatively impact user satisfaction and hurt an organization’s brand image. It is more important than ever to address performance and availability issues early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). CA Application Performance Management (APM) can uniquely go wide (end to end) and at the same time provide deep visibility with low overhead. By making CA APM part of every phase of the SDLC organizations can achieve the goal of “Catch Early and Fix Early” and avoid bad applications from going into production.

From this InformationWeek Simulcast Event, you’ll learn how to deliver proven value to your organization and customers by streamlining the app dev process so you can transform your overall IT operations. You’ll learn how to cut out wasteful expenses and demonstrate to the business side of the corporation how much IT influences the optimization of IT operations. And you’ll be able to keep up with the demanding pace of the business while assuring quality app dev outcomes.

In this webcast, guest speaker, Amy DeMartine, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, will explore how in the Age of the Customer, constant application updates are the norm and DevOps practices help companies not only deliver, but gain competitive advantage through differentiated user experiences. These DevOps practices specialize in the deployment, operations and ongoing support of digital services and applications that are created in agile development and continuous delivery environments. But how can IT Operations keep up? Application Performance Management (APM) enables Ops to collaborate with Dev across continuous delivery cycles to deliver a differentiated user experience, again and again.

Join Matteo Cattaneo, Head of IT Delivery at Kuoni talking about how they avoided the Mexican Standoff and how they:
- Gain 100% end-to-end visibility into metrics
- Detect and fix performance bottlenecks quickly
- Integrated APM into their development/ test/ deployment cycle
The presentations will be followed by a live question and answer session with the audience.

This session will explore tuning methods that achieved significant cost reductions alongside both performance and service improvements at mixed CA Datacom, SQL, Ideal and MetaCOBOL+ installations. It will also cover enhancements over several CA Datacom releases that change the way we approach tuning.

No matter how often you deploy - or how sophisticated your delivery pipeline is - you need to measure the quality of your software. But what exactly should you measure? Learn the 5 key metrics that will increase your confidence in producing a safe build for production.

VMTurbo Founder and President Shmuel Kliger and CTO Charles Crouchman give a sneak peek of VMTurbo 5.2 - Quality of Service (QoS) aware control for your infrastructure and applications.

Microsoft recently held their Build 2015 Conference in San Francisco, During the event, many exciting new announcements were made, such as allowing developers to port extensions from Chrome over to Edge, Microsoft's new browser, and Windows 10 support for Android and iOS apps. Microsoft's openness to other platforms and its focus on building an ecosystem makes the process of developing Windows 10 apps easy. However, with all the new integrations and cross-platform product features, testers need to have a solid game plan to succeed. In this webinar, SmartBear's Nikhil Kaul, Product Manager, joins Sr. Engineer Jeff Martin to discuss the broad implications of Build 2015 for testers.

AppDynamics offers a variety of on-demand webinars on topics such as Application Performance Management (APM), IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), Mobile APM, Real User Monitoring (RUM) and AppDynamics product demos.

DevOps isn’t just for the “Unicorns.” Join this webinar as Gene Kim explains how you can replicate the DevOps practices and successes of the so-called “Unicorns.” Discover the lessons he’s learned from studying these companies and how you can apply them at your company!

Watch this TechTalk and discover:
- How to use CEP technology (Complex Event Processing) to provide insight into the health and performance of banking applications.
- How to detect performance trends and patterns in complex, multi-tier banking applications.
- Achieve a 360° holistic view that gives visibility of application issues before business services are impacted.

Who monitors the monitor? Gain insight into the effectiveness of your monitoring policies. In this session you will learn how to:
- Unlock gems hidden within your AutoPilot environment.
- Measure effectiveness of your monitoring and middleware infrastructure.
- Determine how many times environment is in an error or emergency state and why.
- Count events/alerts/actions, summarize by day, week, month, year.

Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity, and Kris Hansen, Managing Director at Axxiome, will cover three best practices for IT to get an end to end view of the technologies supporting omni-channel:
- Breaking down IT Management silos to offer a consistent, unified view of the performance & availability of all systems supporting the retail branch
- Deliver excellent customer experience through a user-centric view of end user experience management
- Guarantee excellent end user experience by augmenting infrastructure performance and availability with business activity analytics

Watch this TechTalk and discover how to:
- Increase visibility of performance trends in messaging middleware, application servers and SOA appliances.
- Gain "situational awareness" of middleware issues - in business context.
- Track messages through various middleware tiers and resolve quality-of-service issues before users are impacted.

According to Forrester Research, 95% digital shoppers started on a smartphone and continued on a PC1. Beyond that, 53% of shoppers use their mobile devices while in your physical store. This means an exceptional digital user experience is increasingly important, and not just for online sales. To secure conversions and minimize abandonments you need to have visibility and control over your customers’ entire digital experience. How do you do that? Join featured speaker, Julie Ask, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, as she discusses:
- Top 5 recommendations for successful 2015 digital strategies
- Evolving customer expectations
- Lessons learned from eCommerce and mCommerce leaders

Join Richard Nikula, VP, Product Development and Support, Nastel Technologies, and find out:
• What capabilities beyond just monitoring MQ exist and how can you leverage them in your organization.
• How does going beyond monitoring in environments provide benefits to you.
• What value does Nastel offer that can be utilized by your organization to reduce overall cost.

This virtual event puts you in direct contact with experts and leaders in the DevOps space, including noted speakers from InformationWeek, Gartner, Intellyx and CA Technologies -- all without ever having to leave your seat! Learn best practice approaches for DevOps in areas of agile development, continuous delivery, and agile IT operations, and watch an inspiring keynote from Gene Kim, the "Father of DevOps."

Digital thought leader and Forbes.com contributor, Jason Bloomberg, and Anand Sundaram, VP of Products, AlertSite UXM by SmartBear, discuss how key digital trends are impacting businesses in 2015 and beyond along with the new role of Application Performance Management (APM) today.

User experience on the web, driven by performance and availability, impacts your company’s revenue, customer retention, and reputation. How do you stack up against the most important people, your competitors? More importantly, what can you do about it? Find out at the 6th annual Best of the Web Awards, where Dynatrace will once again recognize, across five US industries, those who have earned top honors for their mobile and web performance excellence throughout 2014, exceeding user’s expectations and providing exceptional online experiences. Learn from David Jones, Field Technical Support Director at Dynatrace:
- Who won Best of the Web Awards for retail, banking, brokerage, insurance, and travel
- Best practices to deliver top user experience and performance
- Recommended performance strategies for 2015
- How you can benchmark your sites against leaders and competitors

To stay agile you have to automate your large-scale infrastructure provisioning with a tool like Chef. With automation, though, comes the need to ensure the performance and availability of your infrastructure, which is not an easy task. Find out how Piyush Chugh, Advisory Technical Systems Analyst at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, does it. His team is able to test 80% of an upgrade in an isolated test environment and iterate before deploying to production; and enforce 100% accuracy and consistency of deployments between non-production and production environments. Join this webinar to learn how Piyush and team at OTPP automates their infrastructure provisioning, along with the deployment of tools they need to ensure performance and availability of the critical underpinnings of their apps with Chef.

Troy Partain, Aternity Senior Sales Engineer who has worked extensively with leading healthcare providers for the past 15 years, will present alongside Julie Craig, Research Director at analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates, and share three ways EUEM optimizes digital healthcare delivery by providing:
- A single, consistent approach for ensuring quality of service for any app, delivered via cloud or on premise, running on physical, virtual, and mobile devices.
- The ability to achieve Meaningful Use goals by enabling medical staff to spend more time with patients, and less time working through administrative functions in the EHR interface.
- End User Experience Monitoring to the extended care team for the entire portfolio of applications on which they rely, no matter where they are, or what devices they use to access their apps.
New findings not previously shared around healthcare IT trends will also be presented by Enterprise Management Associates.

You’ve spent months getting your app ready for the big launch and now it’s go-time. Traffic begins hitting the site and within minutes it slows to a crawl; then goes up in flames. Users are leaving in droves and your brand name takes a beating across every social media outlet. It doesn’t have to be this way. Join James Carra, Manager of Hosting Operations at Volkswagen Group of America, and learn how they avoided these nightmares and confidently re-launched their flagship site.