Free Tools

Consolidate and manage your IT alerts with SolarWinds Alert Central. It’s FREE and integrates with virtually any IT software that sends alerts.

Using Visual Traceroute will reduce the time it takes you to isolate and identify segment failures or bandwidth bottlenecks within your network. Try the free tool now!

SmartBear’s Lucierna monitors 100% of transactions, 24/7 to provide unrivalled insight into your application. Lucierna filters out the noise to tell you when, where and why a problem occurred in an intuitive three-click interface which means problems can be tackled early on before they have a chance to cost the business time and money. Try it now for FREE!

Proactive synthetic monitoring software. Be the first to catch application performance programs. Claim your free fully functional 30 day trial and get started in less than 10 minutes!

You can begin monitoring your IIS, and you can instantly identify performance issues before they impact users. Download this free tool.

A unified control system for capacity planning, workload onboarding, and performance management. The software assures workload performance while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible. Installs and deploys in 30 minutes. Receive specific capacity, placement, and sizing recommendations within one hour.

Mobile users demand a flawless experience. Increase your app store ratings, improve customer experience and deliver 5 star apps by tracking what is important. AppPulse lets you know how your users REALLY experience your app — from the moment they tap/swipe or stretch until their UI has finished. Know what they did and what happened.

ManageEngine's list of fully-functional free tools have no expiry dates attached and are used everyday by more than 100,000 IT administrators throughout the globe.

This tool will provide you with an inside view of the operation of your Microsoft Exchange Server. To assure application availability you need to know much more. Download the free tool.

AlertSite’s DejaClick makes recording and maintaining Web application monitoring scripts quick and easy. DejaClick is an intuitive plugin for Chrome and Firefox Web browsers (links) that allows you to create transaction monitoring scripts in a matter of minutes. When recording, DejaClick automatically captures user interactions, such as clicking in form fields, entering data, and navigating menus. This AlertSite plugin, which is completely built into your Web browser, technology records your entire interaction with little to no effort on your part. Get it now for FREE!

Nastel offers 3 free APM tools including AutoPilot Heap Detective, AutoPilot On-Demand for WebSphere MQ and AutoPilot MQSonar.

Many organizations use Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) can use the Ipswitch WhatsUp IIS Monitor Free Tool to uncover performance issues as they happen. Free tool download today.

AlertSite takes advantage of an always on, global network to analyze your website's uptime and alerts you the moment an issue occurs. The alerts contain all of the data you need to help you address issues quickly, so you can get your site back to optimal performance as soon as possible. At the end of the day, as user experience goes, so goes your revenue. Try it now FREE for 30-days!

AppDynamics Pro is a free-forever troubleshooting tool for Java,.NET, PHP applications. With AppDynamics Pro, you can easily visualize application performance and JVM/CLR dependencies, identify performance bottlenecks, and diagnose root cause at the code level.

Here is a fantastic opportunity to discover Performance Vision. This Free Virtual Appliance will provide you with a complete feature set (APM+NPM) during 15 days, and a set of extremely useful features free of charge for 12 months.

Monitor any Web application, Mobile Web Site or SaaS business application FOR FREE. AlertSite UXM Free looks at web applications just like a user would interact with them using a real browser, mouse clicks and data entry. It provides fast accurate alerts on problems before your end users experience them, including issues with third parties. Monitors are easily created in minutes, no programming necessary, just a few clicks of the mouse. AlertSite UXM Free tells you if your applications are working for your end users, and saves you time doing it.

Free. Unlimited. Forever. Monitor your Storage, Compute, & Network performance and receive efficiency recommendations to maximize resources - all within an hour of installation.

Dynatrace provides unified APM coverage across the entire application delivery chain — from the edge of the Internet through the cloud to the datacenter. Dynatrace helps customers deliver proactive problem resolution for greater customer satisfaction, accelerate time-to-market for new application functionality and reduce application management costs through smarter analytics and advanced APM automation. Want real time insights into application performance and user experience? Start your 30-day FREE Dynatrace trial today!

Dynatrace's Outage Analyzer is a free new generation performance analytics solution which tracks internet web service outages in real-time, worldwide. Its collective intelligence based engine provides immediate visualizations and alerts of outages in third party web services for web, mobile and cloud applications.

SolarWinds offers some great free tools for IT pros, including Web Transaction Watcher, WMI Monitor, Free Tools for Active Directory, and Exchange Monitor.