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Not sure which Application Performance Management vendor to choose? Download IT Central Station's free report and find out what your peers are saying about the leading APM solutions. Learn about:
- Valuable Features
- Room for Improvement
- Deployment, Stability, Scalability Issues
- ROI and More
IT Central Station is the leading review site used by enterprise tech professionals to research APM and other solutions in order to make informed buying decisions. Unleash the power of crowdsourced knowledge, unbiased product reviews and social networking with this free report.

With this Dimensional Research report, discover how mobile monitoring software can help you better understand users and their experience with your mobile application. Users reach for mobile devices many times every day, specifically to use mobile apps. Mobile device users heavily rely on peer reviews and star ratings to help them choose their apps. Once a mobile app is installed, that app is judged for its speed, responsiveness,. and stability, which define the user experience and overall satisfaction. This report helps you understand that users quickly abandon apps that exhibit issues after only a couple of occurrences.

This paper by Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), explores the macro trends that are generating a need for unified monitoring. It identifies the business drivers for adoption, including the key considerations for earning a return on investment. Finally, the paper examines CA Technologies’ Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) solution as an example of a monitoring architecture that supports the needs of an agile enterprise. The paper especially examines CA’s most recent iterations of UIM and how they are advancing both the networking monitoring capabilities of the architecture and the overall usability of the product.

High availability and performance of mission-critical applications is a matter of business survival. If applications fail – or suffer from low performance levels – end-users, customers and revenues can be impacted.

Five (5) Guidelines for optimizing your virtual environment. Learn about the pitfalls inherent with virtual environment management and monitoring, as well as 5 guidelines to help you choose the right vendor for your systems management needs.

To be more competitive in today’s world of software-defined business, companies are changing how they develop and deliver software. While DevOps allows companies to create higher-quality software faster, it is important to keep the business objectives in mind to ensure teams are moving in the right direction. BizDevOps keeps Dev, Ops and the business aligned and focused on how application performance and user experience impact business outcomes. This paper addresses the concept of BizDevOps and its value while also diving into the importance of the business transaction as the constant unit of measure across teams.

The mobile ecosystem is growing fast and becoming increasingly complex. In the midst of this activity, however, it’s critical to keep your eye on the prize: who your end user is, what they are doing, and how they are doing it. The Mobile Playbook, compiled and distributed by EndUserExperience2Day, is an annually published report that shares the best real-world mobile trends, insights, and use cases around what’s influencing and driving mobile growth.

Recommended eBook: Most of us can now say that we have built our web applications on a foundation of APIs, both internal and external. With so much emphasis on the tiny API, it’s important to recognize its inherent power and make sure you build the appropriate safeguards to protect it. After all, the performance and availability of your APIs and Web services are increasingly important to users' overall experiences with today's mobile, social and e-commerce applications. Many organizations also have contractual agreements around API performance in place with business partners and need an objective way to measure actual performance against them.

As digital business operations transform your products, customer experience, and workplace, it becomes critical to manage the rising complexity of application delivery. Learn how IT leaders are using Application Performance Management (APM) to address their top business priorities. In this Forrester Technology Adoption Profile, you’ll explore current challenges in digital service management and how APM can help solve them.
Find out:
- Which issues pose the greatest threat to your digital service management effectiveness
- How APM can improve both business and IT productivity
- What IT infrastructure and operations professionals need to succeed today

Network-heavy, scale-out workloads place considerable stress on today’s rapidly growing virtualized and cloud datacenters. Non-delimiting network components, as well as emerging software-defined networking (SDN) technologies aim to mitigate the potential bottlenecks that can precipitate at the network layer in such environments, as well as simplify network design. However, there remain significant challenges, as well as optimization opportunities, at the network layer. This whitepaper examines the latency-inducing pitfalls of common VM placement tactics, as well as a network flow approach that minimizes network, compute, and storage latency all at once.

This paper discusses how applications and data center design has evolved and how to assure application performance with increased complexity and scale.
Learn about:
· Changes in application and data center design resulting in increased complexity
· Why assuring application performance is more important than ever
· Common approaches to assuring application performance
· How to bridge the gap between application and infrastructure performance

In this white paper, Forrester shows that in traditional IT service degradation and outage monitoring and resolution processes, time is primarily wasted in identifying where a problem has originated, and that an effective approach to reducing this “mean time to knowledge” is through the use of application-oriented network performance monitoring. In conducting an in-depth survey of senior IT decision-makers at large North American firms with responsibility for their organizations’ application, network, and/or service monitoring technology, Forrester found tangible benefits to improving and accelerating the resolution process.

This study surveyed 6,770 consumers and 809 business decision makers in 18 countries to uncover how each group thought various characteristics of applications impacted user experience, and how well different industries delivered on those characteristics.

Everyone talks about the soft benefits of APM, but what about hard dollar savings? We asked our customers to calculate how much they've saved with AppDynamics, and the results are pretty awesome. In this white paper, we look at three ROI case studies with real APM users: Edmunds.com, Fox News and Karavel. Read the white paper to find out how much they saved with APM.

Are you battling constant user complaints about downtime and slow performance for Microsoft applications like Sharepoint, Exchange, Lync and Microsoft Dynamics? Here are 10 tips that will help boost the performance of your Microsoft applications and underlying environments.

Feel yourself sinking in the mud, because your out-of-the-box performance monitoring solutions can’t give you a clean, clear view of your network, applications and servers? Step up to complete visibility, better performance and heightened IT and user productivity.
Read this new e-guide.

Is the search for the precise point of your systems failure causing delays and difficulties to last far longer than they should? If your monitoring system can’t detect network dependencies, you could be looking for that needle in a haystack of alerts.

Does battling slow network or server performance leave you feeling in the dark? Slow systems can destroy your team’s productivity, and if you don’t have the right monitoring tools you lack the network visibility needed to get ahead of these problems. In this e-guide, learn how a single, integrated monitoring solution can help you:
- Anticipate network, application and server faults before they happen
- Get threshold based, real-time alerts
- Automatically restart services, reboot network devices, and initiate malware scans
- Leverage end-to-end integrated monitoring

How can IT teams meet the need to thrive while dealing with an increasingly large and complex environment, constantly “doing more with less” and the requirements to deliver near-zero downtime? The nine noble truths of network, server and application monitoring explain the problem and describe the path to its solution.

The TTFB (Time To First Byte) is a metric in network metrology. It is the time elapsed between the opening of a TCP connection between a client and a server, and receipt by the client of a first packet with payload from the server. If this measure has advantages, what about its relevance in application metrology? As this metric covers different kinds of problems, it should be seen as an overall index of performance, rather than as a metric of server response time, as this is often considered.