White Papers

Recommended White Paper: This collection of best practice articles provides practical advice for managing the key application performance challenges you will face in 2013.

Recommended White Paper: All the application performance data in the world cannot help you, if you can't quickly derive its meaning. As application complexity accelerated, how can analytics help you harness application performance big data, and use it to your advantage? Download this research paper to learn about the value of analytics in managing applications.

Recommended White Paper: As enterprise technology operations have grown far more complex in recent years, users expect APM to be an IT detective, not only tracking any anomalies or problems universally, but also being able to figure out why the glitches are happening and mapping out a way to fix them. Download this white paper to learn how IT can help bridge these expectations.

Recommended White Paper: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" seems to be the BYOD mantra today. But with little or no access to personal mobile devices and their configuration, what happens when things go wrong? WildPackets Wireless Forensics solution captures, stores, and analyzes all WLAN traffic, so you can quickly find the information you need to address any issue on your WLAN, from connectivity to security to performance, whether it occurred minutes, hours, or even days ago. So you can quickly find the proof you need to take action.

Recommended White Paper: In this white paper, WildPackets introduces the hardware, software, and techniques that make it possible to capture frames on multiple channels simultaneously, while the network analyzer merges all frames into a single capture display window and performs real-time Expert analysis.

Recommended White Paper: On highly utilized 10G and 40G networks, capturing network traffic from individual SPAN ports on switches and routers typically results in spotty visibility, compromising an IT team’s ability to respond to network outages, performance degradations, and security threats. How should IT organizations re-think their network forensics strategies, now that 10G and faster networks are becoming the norm? Read this paper to learn about best practices for recording, storing, and analyzing network data.

Recommended White Paper: Get an overview of WLAN physical-layer standards, regulation, and common topologies, and then explore the mechanics of a connection, including authentication, association, and confidentiality.

Recommended White Paper: The mobile payment industry is forecasted to account for as much as $1 trillion in global transactions by 2015. So you want to launch a mobile application and skyrocket to your first 50 million users? There are many concerns when going live with a modern mobile application. From project planning, to development, to quality assurance and managing a successful launch. In this white paper AppDynamics talks about some important considerations for planning, building and launching a mobile application in order to ensure a good experience for your end users and a good outcome for your business.

Recommended White Paper: The mainframe is in heavier use today than ever before -- and performing a wider variety of tasks. A recent international CIO study reveals that new technology trends, such as mobility, are having a major impact on the mainframe application environment by driving up MIPS usage, costs and complexity, resulting in slower mean time to resolution. This white paper explores in detail the findings of the study, including how traditional approaches to mainframe performance management are no longer effective in today's hyper-distributed world. Learn what you can do to leverage the rapid changes happening within enterprise IT to ensure an excellent end user experience.

Recommended White Paper: While the mainframe is still as prominent as always, it also now boasts more speed, more MIPS, more processors and richer capabilities. And z/OS and z/VM, IMS and VSAM are alive and well, too. But so are Linux, Java and WebSphere. Perhaps the most disruptive change for traditional mainframe shops is the need to accommodate distributed, open systems (systems of engagement) alongside the traditional mainframe environment (systems of record). And with that comes the need to bridge the gap that has long existed between mainframe and distributed teams. Read the white paper from Compuware to find out more.